Friday, September 28, 2007

Speech of Dr Guthrie, of Dubuqe.... (Good morning Doctor)

Great science is the contemplates
impenetrable space and studies the whirling
worlds, each in it's own proper sphere, as they
have leaped into space from the fingertips of
God's creative genius ; but great is that science
that snatches from the mysterious element
and applies it so that the blind may be made to
see and the lame to leap for joy.

Great is that science that delves into the bowels
of the earth and seeks to find there the footprints
of the Creator, left ages and ages ago in the form
of leaf or flower or fish upon the surface of solid
rock, or that delves into the earth and seeks to
find things of material and industrial value to
humanity; but greater is that science that delves
into the dark realms of the earth's bosom and
seeks for those elements that may be used to
alleviate human suffering

Great is that science that seeks the classify the
green verdure of the earth from the modest violet
to the sturdy oak, the swaying elm, the weeping
the willow, and the clinging vine; but greater is
the science that seeks to find in the root , in branch,
in leaf , in flower or fruit, the elements that may
be used to smooth the wrinkles from the pillow of
human pain, or lull to sweet and peaceful sleep
the weary, tired, bewildered brain.

Great is that science, profession, or calling that
points through the dark,dim, distant horizon of
the future beyond the grave to the bright and
brilliant star of hope for life eternal; but great
is that profession that robs the grave of its
victim, and restores the infant, laughing in
childish health and glee, back to the arms of a
grateful, happy,loving mother!

Now,gentleman, this profession that you have
chosen will require of you at all times your best
in mental effort and moral behavior.Even at
times your devotion to your profession will
demand of you the facing of physical hazards...

it's more like a poem.... every time i read this speech, i'm quite proud and grateful to be chosen by HIM to be in this field. even though i know it really needs a lot of efforts.. but i really enjoy memorizing, thinking the rthym of complicated system and mechanism in human body.May it'll make me to be a better slave of HIM.

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